Testimonial: “I didn’t think you could get a faster installation. Add to that a beautiful product that is very durable and easy to design with and you have the best product on the market.”

Michelle Cantor

Real Estate Agent, HomeAway

Testimonial: “Last winter the pipes my pipes broke and flooded our brand new carpeting. Luckily I found Revolutionary because their waterproof floors are perfect for basements.”

Laruen Ingus

Mother/Home Design

Testimonial: “My clients love what I can do with Revolutionary Floors, and the prices have been good to their wallets. For the price, you can’t beat these floors.”

Jennifer Dutton

Interior Design, Light Way Interiors

Testimonial: “My home has all-new style with great features and affordability you can’t find with other flooring options on the market. I love Revolutionary!”

Travis Sudweeks


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