Desert Pine laminate wood flooring

Laminate Flooring: Desert Pine


Product Description

Price: $1.95 sq ft

Size: 12mm laminate

Call to Order: 801.906.8058

Description: Desert Pine 12mm laminate flooring product featuring 4th generation Tap&Go technology. Revolutionary Laminate floors are far and above the competition and come in a multitude of colors and styles to fit your every need. Our 4th generation locking system acts as one solid unit, not a traditional floating floor. This means your floors will last much longer, while staying beautiful and adding to the health of your home and family. All of our products are eco-friendly and sourced from vertically integrated forestry.

Features: Anti-Warp, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Mold, Tap&Go Installation, Water-Resistant, 25 Year Warranty


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