Scratch and Dent Resistant

Affordable Luxury

Design Friendly


30 Year Guarantee!

We back up all our products with up to a 30 Year Guarantee. So rest assured that you’re product will withstand Wear, Tear, Kids, Cats, Dogs, and anything else you can throw at it… literally.


Waterproof Flooring (coming soon)

A first of it’s kind and a breakthrough in wood floor technology. Basements, Kitchens and Bathrooms REJOICE.



Tap&Go Installation

Tap&Go Technology is the quickest flooring installation in the world. Tap&Go has also conquered warping, separation, and gapping issues. No glue, nails, or tapping bar necessary!


Built-In Radiant Heating (coming soon)

We’ve taken traditional radiant heating and updated it to be infused within the flooring itself. Think of it as a wood sandwich your feet will love! Benefits of this new technology include: durability, waterproof, faster heating floors, eco-friendly, quick installation, and less materials used.

Warp Resistant

Our floors have withstood our Extreme Temperature Test (-40 C to -42 C). What does this mean? Revolutionary Floors are can withstand the toughest heat waves and the coldest winter gales.

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