Design Love Detail Utah Interior Designer Spotlight

Design Love Detail Utah Interior Designer Spotlight
Mollie Openshaw, interior space designer extraordinaire creates glorious designs for her clients around the USofA. She has a penchant for clean, fresh lines that accentuate the space being worked on. Nothing is forced. Everything flows. Mollie is an avid design blogger, which you can see at her blog. You can get a real feel her design sense by checking out her blog and who knows, maybe a post will inspire your home makeover.
Mollie and her husband have also built and designed two gorgeous homes, which are featured on her blog, nothing says confidence more than putting your time, heart, and money, into your own homes, and she pulled both of them off brilliantly.
Mollie, is available to take on projects large and small all over Utah, including event design, exterior and interior decorating and concepts. We know you will love her portfolio as much as we do.
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