Flooring Trends: Bamboo is Making a Comeback

Flooring Trends: Bamboo is Making a Comeback

One of our favorite flooring products, bamboo, is making a resurgence in popularity. It’s modern lines lend itself nicely to most peoples taste sensibilities nowadays, and with strand-woven bamboo flooring being twice as strong as traditional bamboo flooring it’s no wonder that people everywhere are installing bamboo in their homes, apartments, and businesses.

Bamboo is a more eco-friendly alternative to most hardwoods, as it is fast growing and can be replanted easily. Of course shipping it from overseas is never green, but it’s something.

“Bamboo has been around for a long time, but what we are seeing lately is an explosion of colors and styles,” says Dean Howell, president of Atlanta-based MODA Floors & Interiors.

Revolutionary Floors has a great line of bamboo floors, check it out.

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