Best Pet Flooring Products

Best Pet Flooring Products

Here it is, our list of ‘Best Pet Flooring Products’.

Your pets are your world, we get it. We love our pets too, and the safety, cleanliness and value of your home is key to a good home for your pets. But we also get that you want to have the best possible flooring product in your home, that’s why we came up with this little article.

1. Terrazo and Poured Concrete are always at the top for gorgeous, resilient, long lasting, pet friendly, and home friendly flooring products. These floors are crack free and don’t have any crevices. You can add a sealant to make it especially durable as well. Or add a laminate, which is more expensive and we don’t like this finish as much.

2. Laminate Tap and Go 4th generation flooring products add value to your home, will last up to 25 years with their warranty, are easy to clean, don’t warp, are anti-bacterial, easy to install and keep up, and will add value to your home. See our line of Laminates.

3. Real Wood floor products are great for not only being absolutely gorgeous, adding home value, durable, and long lasting. Let’s face it, most home owners just prefer real wood flooring. It’s not the best if your cat or dog takes a pee, but at least its not carpet. Carpet it the absolute worst for pet accidents.

Remember, to purchase baseboards that are installed flush with the floors, so pet accidents can be cleaned up and don’t run under the flooring. Drains in the floor can help a ton too, for example, in basements. Good luck and let us know if we can help you with your pet flooring installation project.

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