Salt Lake City’s Best Online Building Development Resources

Salt Lake City’s Best Online Building Development Resources

Salt Lake City’s Best Online Building Development Resources

All of you Salt Lake City, and Utah, building and development nerds, need to know where to go for to get the best, most fun, and up-to-date building and development online resources on our fair capital city. In this article we give you the resources to find out what’s happening, development wise, in SLC’s neighborhoods, public transport systems, and the surrounding cities. Because it’s all connected. If more people knew, talked about, and cared, about what was going on in Salt Lake then we would have a stronger voice in getting higher quality developments, with proper materials being used, i.e. bricks instead of beige stucco. Bleh. Knowing what’s going on allows us to attend development meetings, workshops, neighborhood development, and we won’t be ignorant to what our city needs to grow as a cohesive unit. Right now, Salt Lake City and it’s development seems pretty higaldy pigaldy, meaning it’s a near free for all for developers to snatch up parcels, sometimes tear down old historic buildings, and put up something up  with total disregard for the neighborhood, vitality, walkability, and beauty. SLC, also needs a design review board, that would bring a cohesiveness to designs. Most real cities have them and benefit greatly by having them. The question is, is SLC a real city?

Knowing what’s happening in SLC and it’s neighborhoods is great for developers to know what parcels are open, learn about development restrictions, hot neighborhoods, and for wanna be homeowners the best places to purchase a home, or even rent prices.

Revolutionary Floors picks for ‘Salt Lake City’s Best Online Building Development Resources:

Building Salt Lake
Created by Isaac Riddle, this Salt Lake City online publication takes an in-depth look into developments happening in the city with well written articles, news, and photos. BSL does a great job into really getting into the details of a project and letting readers know the details and how it will transform and effect the neighborhood. Finding neighborhood development is super easy as they are organized and easy to find in the menu. Building Salt Lake is very active in posting, so if there is something happening in the city then you can most likely find info here.

Skyscraper Page SLC Forum
This is the wild west of what’s going on in Salt Lake City, when it comes to developments. This forum is the place to speak your mind and let the world know how much you know, or don’t know, about development, and that’s totally ok. Forum posters run the gamut, from city planners to newbies to development. Their are daily postings, a lot of them hyperbole, but many also legitimate dealings and news about what is being developed. Users share development photos, news, events, etc. If you go to the very first forum page you will find a listing of all the upcoming, current, planned and speculative developments. For the main forum go to the Official Salt Lake City Page, there is also a transit page, a Sugar House page, a Performing Arts Center page, and more.

Salt Lake Tribune
Although usually late in the game to post about new developments, sometimes the writing is good, and sometimes the Salt Lake Tribune actually is first to a development story. Depending on your patience for commenters, you may or may not want to steer clear from the comments section of posts, as reading building input the general population has to say can be rather off-putting, or if you are like us, they are pretty entertaining.

This is the official government website. It’s where you go to find your planning, licensing, building permits, taxes, small business info, and sometimes development news.

This is Mayor Jackie Biskupsi’s site, it’s not all about her though. It’s a decent resource for city development news from local news sources.

Did we miss a site or forum you love on Salt Lake City development? Let us know.

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