Selecting Kitchen Flooring with Rebecca Robeson

Interior design specialist, Rebecca Robeson tells us what’s hot in the floor design world. She highlights many of today’s best flooring options, including; tone, tile, travertine, concrete … kitchen flooring choices are endless and overwhelming.

So how do you know what it’s going to look like with the cabinet finish you just selected? San Diego-based interior designer Rebecca Robeson is ready to help you design your dream kitchen! In this episode, Rebecca helps you answer the question: what kind of flooring should I use? She’ll walk you through three kitchens featuring distinctively different flooring and explain how materials like stone, wood and tile can complement the countertops, backsplashes and cabinets you’ve already chosen. She’ll even show you how to add area rugs for warmth, color and style!

Want more design tips from Rebecca? Visit The Design Network to view her other her other series “Live Your Style” and “MyPad.”

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