Christ Lutheran Vinyl Flooring Installation Photo

Christ Lutheran Vinyl Flooring Installation Photo

Recently, we have been laying new vinyl flooring for the Christ Lutheran church here in Salt Lake City. This project has been ongoing, as once we lay one room, the client likes the result so much that they have us work on another room. At this rate we will have completed the entire 8 thousand sq ft project within a month.

Most of the project is in an old basement that really needed updating, and features low ceilings, so laying a floor that adds to the feel of the room and doesn’t take away from the square footage was a necessity for our client. The product they chose was a vinyl by Fluent Floors.

We carry the full-line of flooring products by Fluent Floors at our Brickyard Plaza showroom, in Salt Lake. We’d love to show you them, so come by anytime M-Satuday 10am-6pm.



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