Home Flooring Inspiration: Bedroom

Your bedroom, it’s your special nook and it should be completely you. That’s why it’s so important to have great design in the bedroom, because it’s your sanctuary and you will be surrounded by it a good deal of the time. We’ve found a few great bedroom designs to share with you. If you need help coming up with a great bedroom design, or flooring option, please give us a call – 801-906-8058.

“If you want to use your cell phone as an alarm, dim the display,” says Griffin. “Same with your digital alarm clock. If you have a TV in your room that has little lights on it, they can keep you up too. Cover offending digital lights with black electrical tape because the light, whether you know it or not will keep you awake.”

“Position the bed in a way that it makes the most sense”, not just visually, but how you feel when you are in it.”

– see the rest of the bedroom designs over at Elle Decor

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