Most Anticipated Flooring Products of 2016

Flooring can make or break your home design, and resale value. It’s important that you get the best bang for your buck, that’s why we put together this little list of our most anticipated flooring products of 2016. These products are beautiful, long lasting, and some of them are even game changers in the flooring industry, loaded with technological features. So without further ado, here is our Most Anticipated Flooring Products of 2016.


Tap and Go ‘Mardi Pine’ Laminate – Tap and Go is a 4th generation floor locking system, similar to a floating floor, but it has so many more features, and we think it’s the best product on the market for your money. Here are some key features: water resistant, scratch and dent resistant, warp resistant and gap resistant. In fact, it’s totally resistant to all those bad things you and your home don’t like. What it’s not resistant too, is looking and feeling good, adding value to your home, and lasting really long.

Mardi Pine laminate floors salt lake city


Next up is super vintage, reclaimed barn wood, custom made for you home project. Typically, it’s about 100 years old and you can stain it and add any kind of varnish you could hope for. Check it out below and ask us about it.

Park City Barn Reclaimed Flooring Installation Photos


Well, this short little list, wraps up what we are most excited about in the flooring industry for 2016. If you live in the Utah area, give us a call or send us an email and we can help you design your flooring project. Happy 2016!

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