Utah Interior Design Spotlight with Julie Assenberg

Julie Assenberg has got 8 five star reviews on Houzz.com, that is super legit, so we are telling you all about her on our Utah Interior Design Spotlight. We’ve gone ahead and added Julie’s contact info to the bottom of the Spotlight. If you would like your interior design firm spotlighted by us, please send us an email.

We love Julie Assenberg’s design aesthetic’s, and , “My goal is to create the most desirable outcome while still staying within the parameters of your budget. I pride myself in being aware of costs and in educating you on where to spend your money by directing it where it will have the largest impact. Basically, I want to assure that you get the biggest bang for your buck, no matter what your budget.

I feel a designer is a necessary part of the creative process. From my experience, including a designer in your vision, increases value and eliminates costly mistakes. I have an incredible team available to assist me in seeing your project through from beginning to end.

Because I’m not affiliated with a specific store or design center, I have the freedom to go wherever I need, to find the perfect elements for your space. I enjoy gathering unique elements from varying resources to put together a one of a kind look for your home or business.

Co-creating is a must when it comes to bringing your vision to reality. My approach is unique. I work in conjunction with each client to establish an all-inclusive fee to determine exactly what the financial commitment will be. My service is based on your budget, the scope of the job, and the estimated time frame for completion. Charging a flat fee allows me to pass along the discounts I receive as a designer whenever possible. It also lets you to know what to expect ahead of time so there are no surprises when the bill arrives. Whether you’re looking at redecorating, remodeling, or new construction, I will communicate with you throughout the entire process to maintain clear understanding and ensure outstanding results.”

Services Provided
Residential and Commercial Interior Design
Space Planning
Landscape Design
Staging& Event Planning
Color Consultation
Art Procurement and Placement
Truly, just about anything that requires an artistic eye!
Areas Served
Utah – Salt Lake City, Park City, Deer Valley
California – San Francisco
Connecticut – New Haven
New York – New York City
Oregon- Portland
Contact me for out of state scheduling
(801) 557-0858Email

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