Home Flooring Design Inspiration with Wood, Floor, and Tile

Your home should be a reflection of you, here are some beautiful interior designs that center around amazing floor designs. We don’t mind that only one of these three images are wood floors, because they are supposed to inspire you.

This Victorian house in east London was a typical Eighties conversion, redesigned by Adam Bray to be comfortable and relaxing. The Twenties triptych mirror is gilt metal by Brot, Paris. Moroccan bathroom floor tiles from Habibi Interiors are deliberately mismatched for a patchwork effect.

‘Introducing pattern into a floor can help to anchor the layout and furniture placement in a room,’ advises Matthew Morris in his feature on modern marquetry. Fameed Khalique creates the type of intricate inlaid wood flooring that wouldn’t look out of place in a grand eighteenth-century home or Venetian palazzo. The handcrafted designs are made with fine woods (some antique) and materials including steel, stone and slate.

‘Opus Lignea’ custom floor from £1,700 square metre at Fameed Khalique

This glamorous monochrome bathroom designed by Suzy Hoodlesshas been tiled with ‘Lantern’ tiles from Popham Design.

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