Winter Flooring Tip: Prevention is Easier than Restoration

As I type this little article up, Utah is having itself quite the build up to a white Christmas. But winter weather and all that gets tracked into your house and onto your floors can do permanent damage to your wood floors. So we put together a few tips for you to follow during this most magical, and cold, time of year.

Winter Flooring Tip: Prevention is easier than restoration.
1. During winter months, use bristly floor mats outside your doors and encourage family and guests to wipe their feet before coming in. Go a step further and have another, softer matt inside the doorway.

2. Keep old towels or cleaning rags near the door to wipe up puddles immediately. Standing water is damaging to wood floors.

3. Increase your frequency for cleaning your floors. If you normally clean once a week, you may want to clean two or three times a week depending on traffic.

Happy Holidays, from Revolutionary Floors

May your gatherings be bright and filled with peace and joy this season.

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