Salt Lake City’s Current Construction Boom

Salt Lake City and it’s neighboring suburbs are currently having themselves, what experts might call, a construction boom. Despite the winter inversion, people are flocking to the Salt Lake City metro area, and because of it, the city is seeing an increase in not only residential development, but also mixed use condo and apartment buildings throughout the valley.

Consider Utah’s economy, it’s one of the best, if not the best in the nation, per capita. Technology firms from around the country are moving in, setting up business, and making a statement with new developments throughout the valley. You can especially see this in Lehi/ Thanksgiving Pointe developments, the area is what locals, and the national technology sectors are calling the Silicon Slopes.

Downtown Salt Lake is seeing a boom in building development as well. Mayor Ralf Becker’s (soon to be ex-Mayor, ousted by Jackie Biskupsi), 5000 apartment plan, is well under way, with over 1,000 units built in 2015 alone. We will have to see if building keeps rolling along in 2016, but there is a feeling that it will.

Not to be outdone is mixed use, hotel and skyscraper development in downtown SLC. Goldman Sach’s will be moving a majority of it’s Salt Lake City workforce to the new 111 South Main building, upon completion in 2016. A new Performing Arts Center will be finished and ready to host NYC Broadway caliber plays, which is oh so nearly attached to the 111 South Main building. This development is also the catalyst for the complete redevelopment of Regent Street, which will connect City Creek Center to the Gallivan Plaza, along with another mid-block walkway from Regent Street to Main Street. Indeed, exciting times are upon the old SLC.

Salt Lake City’s Green Bike program is the top performing bike sharing program in the nation. To really wet your whistle, here’s a list of could be/soon to be, developments in Salt Lake City: Cascade, Regent Street Hotel and Condos, Convention Center Hotel (CCH), 151 South State office building, VUE mixed use hotel and condo’s, Pantages Place, Tower 8, and believe it or not, quite a few more, like the DA’s office. And, don’t forget the dozens of on-going housing developments throughout the downtown area. One of our favorite Salt Lake City development resources is SLCity News.

So what’s with all the tech? It’s been said that the LDS churches missionaries are a boon for businesses. Many of these missionaries come home after a two year mission and graduate from the business and technology fields. These are well trained and dedicated workers sought after in the world of business. Why? Because of their honesty and hard work ethic.

Another factor could be that Utah is an affordable, less populated metro area, rather than, say, Orange County, California. Utah has become the go to location for those families looking to raise their quality of life.

Anyway, we here at Revolutionary Floors have a passion for urban development, that’s the reason for this little article. We hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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