Christmas is Coming. Clean Your Floors and Impress Your Friends.

Christmas is Coming. Clean Your Floors and Impress Your Friends.

Christmas is just around the corner, but first up is Thanksgiving. No matter what the celebration, you want your home to look the best it possibly can, and having sparkly, clean floors is no exception. Here are some tips to clean your wood, engineered wood, laminate, bamboo, and LVT flooring.

Cleaning wood floors. Start with a water based cleaner, which is the safest and easiest way to clean a well finished floor. However, if you wood floor is poorly finished, or only has one coat, then don’t use a water-based finish, as it will hurt, rather than help, your floor. Try the damp mopping technique, not the water mop technique. “The best cleaning agent for a new floor finish is a PH neutral cleaner. Be sure you wait until your new finish has cured.”

Cleaning engineered floors. Start with a vacuum or a microfiber mop to get all that dust and dirt up. Then use a 1:4 vinegar-water solution, and be sure to get your microfiber mop only damp. You can also use a Swiffer duster to get dust off.

Cleaning laminate floors. Start with a microfiber mop, and clean all that dirt, dust and grit right on up. You can also use a Swiffer. You can always vacuum too. Then, use a laminate floor cleaning product with your microfiber mop pad. Don’t get too much water on the floor as it can hurt your floors, eventually this can lead to warping and mold issues.

Cleaning bamboo floors. Start with sweeping up any dust and dirt. To clean your floors you can use a 1:4 vinegar to water ratio mixture. Or, a wood wash works well, depending on how many layers of finish have been applied to your flooring. Remember, never wet wash a floor that has only one or fewer coats of finish. Another cleaning technique to try is damp mopping. Just get the map a bit damp, and not wet, and go over the floor twice.

Cleaning LVT floors. Start with a Swiffer dry mop, or vacuum to get the dirt and dust off. Mix a pd neutral solution with warm water to the manufacturers dilution rate – this can vary. Scrub that floor with a microfiber pad. If it doesn’t come clean, repeat.

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