Tap and Go Flooring Joint Photo

Tap and Go Flooring Joint Photo

Tap and Go flooring, created by industry leaders, Bergeim Flooring is the best laminate flooring on the market. Why? Because the joint system let’s no dust, water, or mold in. This means, that the flooring won’t warp and will last for years to come and look gorgeous while doing so. We guarantee our Tap and Go bamboo, laminate and engineered flooring products for up to 30 years.

It’s also so easy to install, anyone can do it themselves. You only need a rubber mallet. No glue is required, which makes this floor easy to take apart if you ever want to use it in a different room, or if your basement has a flood, you can pull up the floor boards immediately and dry them off, along with the under flooring, then when it’s dry, it’s ready to be re-installed.

Check out more features on our Tap and Go¬†features. And don’t miss out on all of our Tap and Go products.

This Tap and Go joint photo is the proof in the pudding.


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