Are Wood Floors Water Proof?

Are Wood Floors Water Proof?

We get asked all the time if wood flooring is waterproof. When we say waterproof, we mean no water, not even a drop, will get into the cracks, underneath the flooring, or affect the wood in any way. Saying a flooring product is “Waterproof” is a huge claim, so look out for products that say they are, and always ask a professional.

Even with all the advances in technology that many of today’s products carry, like our Tap&Go locking system, no wood flooring product is water-proof, and if it claims it is then you should stop looking at that product and find a legitimate product, with a great warranty, that will last you years to come. shows you how to waterproof your wood floors, we don’t recommend you do this on your own, and again, no wood flooring is ever waterproof, so do this at your own risk.

LVT, or luxury vinyl tile, is our only truly water proof flooring product. Our LVT is beautiful and very realistic, and is the perfect waterproof solution for basements, kitchens, restaurants, businesses, and bathrooms. Check our our LVT.

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