Are Bamboo Floors Waterproof?

Are Bamboo Floors Waterproof?

Are Bamboo Floors Waterproof? This is a common question we receive nearly every day. But alas, bamboo floors are not waterproof. Bamboo, as a material, is slightly more water-resistant than hardwood floors, but that’s about it. Advances in technology are also helping bamboo to become even more water-resistant, but there is no sealant, or flooring that is waterproof on the market today. Tap&Go locking system does act as a solid piece of wood, once all the pieces are put together, but that doesn’t mean that water won’t stain the wood, or warp it after water has sat on it’s surface for a certain amount of time (this can vary).

Be careful of your environment when choosing your flooring. Bamboo flooring in a hot, dry climate, can shrink. Bamboo in a humid climate can expand. Both above scenarios will damage your flooring. Be sure to purchase and install the correct type of flooring material for the environment you live in.

The only waterproof flooring product that we can recommend is LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile).

If you have any questions about waterproof or water-resistant flooring products please give us a call and we can answer your questions – 801-906-8058.


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