10 Reasons why Home Resale Value Goes Up by Installing New Flooring

10 Reasons why Home Resale Value Goes Up by Installing New Flooring

Do you have a home or property that you are looking to do a makeover either to sale, or to add home value? Some home projects might not be worth your time, like turning that spare bedroom into an office, but one of the easier and best returns on investment is a new floor. If you are thinking, great, let’s install carpet, well that is one of the exceptions, sure brand new carpet is cozy and can be nice to look at, but it gets dirty very quickly and has an average life span of 5-7 years. Now adding new hardwoods, laminate, engineered, bamboo, or LVC flooring can do the trick for you. Especially if you install the correct flooring for your project and for your market.

Here are our 10 Reasons why Home Resale Value Goes Up by Installing New Flooring:

1. New flooring can transform the look and feel of a home instantly.
2. New flooring can last over 30 years and can often get better looking with age, think the reclaimed look.
3. Self Installing flooring saves you money.
4. Carpets stain easily, wood and similar products do not.
5. New flooring does not have mold, or all those germ issues, carpets are notorious for this.
6. Less cleaning and maintenance in comparison to vacuuming your carpet every day.
7. Don’t hold germs and nasty little critters like carpet does.
8. Free of toxic chemicals, this depends on the brand you are using, but go with the natural stuff, carpets are created with synthetics and all kinds of chemicals, and just think, you don’t want your baby crawling around on chemicals.
9. Carpeting is a haven for allergies. If you have allergies, don’t get carpet. Even if you clean your carpet all the time it will still hold dust, and dust equals allergies.
10. Most people just like the feel of wood under their feet.


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