Utah Interior Design Spotlight: Alice Lane Home Collection

Utah Interior Design Spotlight: Alice Lane Home Collection

Alice Lane Home Collection should be at the top of your interior design dream list. If you are looking for beautiful interior design for your home, office, retail, or development space, they’ve got the goods.


It’s all about quality at Alice Lane, that’s why their team of highly sought after designers lead by founder and lead designer, Jessica Bennett, pay such attention to detail and will work with clients until they are completely happy with the end result. It doesn’t hurt that Alice Lane has been in the design game for since 2008, with a team of 9 designers that includes the skills of Suzanne Hall, Christy Cook, Natalie Ellis, Matt Dickamore, Kathryn Evans, Shelby Castleton, Kristina Kellett, Stacie Graves. Today, Alice Lane Home Collection now has two beautiful showrooms, filled with home decor eye candy.


Alice Lane’s first store, opened in 2008, is located in Orem, Utah. In 2014 Alice Lane expanded with the addition of their second showroom, located at Trolley Square, in Salt Lake City.


Alice Lane design services cover all your interior needs, from sketched renderings and in store presentations, to delivery and installation.

Every time I set foot in one of Alice Lane’s showrooms, my creative juices begin to stir, and I can’t help leave without making a purchase. This is especially easy to do with their knowledgeable and friendly staff there to help you along the way.

Call Alice Lane for an appointment: 801.802.6266

Visit Alice Lane’s website: http://alicelanehome.com

Alice Lane Home Collection showroom addresses:

Salt Lake City:
602 E. 500 S. Trolley Square Salt Lake City, UT 84102

1350 S. State Street Orem, UT 84097

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