Laminate Flooring with Waxed Edges Assures Moisture Resistance

Laminate Flooring with Waxed Edges Assures Moisture Resistance

Today, advances in flooring technology allow us to tell you about a breakthrough in flooring. For the first time ever laminate flooring with waxed edges assures a top moisture resistance. How does this work? Good question, the edges of each piece of flooring are coated with wax to create a water-resistant seal and make the floors even more durable. Waxed edge laminate is ideal for busy spaces, households with children and pets, and high traffic areas like doorways or halls.

How it works and what are the benefits:

Right after installation the wax between the joints is squeezed and activated forming a moisture resistant seal. This allows your floor to guard against water spills and water exposure during the cleaning process.

Another benefit of wax edge flooring is their easier installation. Planks with wax treatement click together easily- the joint slides together by itself. Additionally, floors can be easily re-used and/or re-installed at any time.

In the picture you will find our Water Resistant Test featuring our Tap&Go laminate product vs the Leading Competitor. Ours has the durable wax coating that makes it water-resistant. Theirs does not. Within a day their product is falling apart, and ours is in near perfect condition. After two weeks theirs is a mess and ours is in good condition.

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