Tip of the Week: When to Clean Your Floors

Tip of the Week: When to Clean Your Floors

We get asked multiple times a week, how often should I clean my floors, and with what product? This question of course can very greatly, but we recommend you regularly vacuum your floors, and only deep clean 1-2 times a month with a professional product, we highly recommend and sell Pallman Floor Products. If you have a spill in-between cleanings spot clean it.

Of course you should use specific cleaning products for your type of flooring. For example many wood floors have an oil finish, so using a wood floor oil cleaner is highly recommended.

Having a dusting pad on hand also comes in very handy and is very quick and easy to use.

When purchasing cleaning products, only choose products that are: Non-toxic, residue-free cleaner and dries quickly.

We don’t recommend ever cleaning your floors with water, unless you have LVT flooring, which is waterproof, but even then water has many harmful chemicals that can be harmful to your floors.

If you do have a spill and think that water has gotten into your flooring and has caused a mold issue, be sure to contact a flooring expert to take a look, because mold will spread and can be harmful to your health.


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