Healthy Floors Don’t Need Glue

Healthy Floors Don’t Need Glue

Flooring glues, they sound so old-school, don’t they? Like the kind of old-school that makes you twinge nauseously just from the saying it… glue. Images of toxic fumes, and floor boards that won’t pry up fill my imagination. Luckily today, many flooring products don’t need to use glues, most of these are non-traditional wood flooring products, like laminate, engineered, and bamboo flooring. But still, a lot of floor installers will use glues, sometimes unnecessarily because it acts like another product to sell to you, or their flooring may even require glue. Why not bypass glues all-together?

Revolutionary Floors do not use glues in our installations, this keeps cost down as much as 80 cents per sq ft. Today’s glues are much more eco and human-friendly than glues of the past, but if you install with glue, you need to factor in that those sensitive to glues may need to vacate the area for as much as a day to allow for curing time and the smell of fumes to subside.

We believe that any amount of glues can affect our health, especially those of our small children that crawl around on the floor and our pets, who perpetually have their noses to the floor. Keeping your family healthy is paramount to our mission as a flooring company.

If you currently have an older floor you may actually have glue that is much more toxic in your home than glues currently used. If you decide to replace this floor, be sure to consult an expert first.

Glues can also be very tricky to install, especially if you are not a professional installer. We do not recommend installing with glue on your own, instead hire a professional if you wan to go this route.

As always, please contact us or leave a comment if you have any questions.

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