Anti-Mold Tap and Go Flooring Technology

Tap&Go Installation Technology Photo

Mold, it’s disgusting and can be a huge health issue to your home. Many times we don’t know when there is mold in our house and many areas of our homes are hot spots for gathering mold. These include carpets, walls, underneath sinks and behind walls. Mold could be what is making you or your family sick. If you ever have any question as to wether there is mold in your home then have your home tested.

Many times water and moisture can become trapped in flooring, you might not ever see it because it can grow and live in the cracks and not spread very much, for instance your wood floor joints could have mold and you might never know. Our Tap and Go flooring comes with an anti-mold locking system. There is basically no way that mold can grow in the joints, making our products some of the safest on the market.


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