Eco-Friendly Flooring Affects Health and Habitat

Eco-Friendly Flooring Affects Health and Habitat

Lumber Liquidators recently came under fire during a 60 Minutes report claiming the brands laminated Chinese flooring products, installed into hundreds of thousands of US homes, carries the carcinogen formaldehyde. Revolutionary Floors knows how important your health and your family’s health is to you, so we take steps to make sure we only use Carb 1 and 2 VOC Certified products, which are found in our Tap&Go technology.

The beauty behind Tap&Go is that it requires no glue during installation, making our products, especially our wood and bamboo products, much more natural and safe.

We care about our forests and creating an industry standard that is environmentally sound. We do this with the design of our Tap&Go technology, which can be uninstalled and reinstalled time and time again, this helps to save more trees from being cut down and processed, leaving less of an environmental impact.

Remember to be sure that your flooring is the safest possible product for you and your family. Your health will be all the more happy for it.  To find out more about Tap&Go and our products, please send an email to:

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