Tap&Go Technology is Changing the Flooring Industry

Tap&Go Technology is Changing the Flooring Industry

Tap&Go Flooring Installation Technology is the greatest innovation in home renovation in the past decade. Every single one of our flooring products can be found with Tap&Go technology built into it; Laminate, PVC, Engineered, Solid Wood, and Bamboo. The genius behind Tap&Go lies in it’s features, many of which are not found in any other brand. Features include anti-warp, anti-separation, anti-gapping – allows for anti-mold, making for a much safer home for your family.

Tap&Go features the strongest locking system on the planet. A wider and deeper design means there are no loose boards or cracking. And the design of our thin Up-Hook, what we like to call our Intelligent Groove, enables the hook to shrink and expand with superior elasticity, creating a strong plank bond.

Installation of Tap&Go is quick, easy, and requires less tools and less physical force, meaning it’s less expensive, faster to install, and easier on your muscles and joints – which you will really love.

Each piece, once installed, can be easily replaced without damage. Even after you install an entire floor, you can easily uninstall it and re-install it many times, which significantly saves forest resources and protects the natural environment.

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