City Home Collective Spotlight

City Home Collective Spotlight

At the very tippy-top of the Salt Lake City real estate and interior design game, is no other than City Home Collective.

Founded by lifestyle guru Cody Derrick, he and his team have propelled CHC as the final word in Utah’s real estate market by creating a team of amazing designers and great agents. Their work has been featured in nearly every Utah magazine, think Houzz, Utah Style, Salt Lake Magazine and out-of-state heavy hitters The New York Times, all while winning awards galore.

It wasn’t all just great design that got them to the top, they’ve also incorporated modern design and a fresh attitude into their marketing materials. Their aesthetically pleasing website portrays a penchant for clean design that we love.

Speaking of their website, you can find resources for home and condo’s, along with buyer/seller/short sale and development reps to help you to find any property you might fancy. Creatively, they can help customers with design inspiration, home staging, residential and commercial design, creative consulting, art direction and more.

We love how easy and fun their website to use, they even lay out listing by Salt Lake City neighborhoods.

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