Radiant Flooring Breakthrough

Radiant Flooring Breakthrough

Don’t you just love science? I know your feet will be giddy with the latest technological advancements in radiant flooring.

Not too long ago a group of Chinese flooring experts came up with the smart idea of inserting heat devices directly into each plank of wood. Bless their hearts! Because of their smarts, we now have the most efficient, longest lasting, and not to mention the warmest wood floors, on the planet. Every one of our products have the capability of coming with built-in radiant heating, from the woven bamboo to our most affordable laminates.

The heating elements are closer to the surface than outdated radiant flooring technologies still in use today. This makes for a floor that is quicker and more efficient to heat, saving you money on your electric bill.

Because the heating elements are sandwiched in between each piece of wood, this makes them extra strong and less liable to ever break, unlike traditional electrical under flooring radiant heating, which doesn’t have a long life span.

So what are you waiting for? Find some flooring product and get a move on, your feet will love you for it.


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