Flooring Loaded with Features

Flooring Loaded with Features

We often get asked, what makes your flooring so good?

Our answer is simple.

First: it’s easy to install with Tap&Go.

Second: it’s Eco-Friendly (we source our products from Yekalon Industry, Inc., a vertically integrated manufacturer that supports their own forestry!)

Third: our installation comes without glue, nails and there is no need for a pull bar, making installations it safer, easier, quicker and less expensive.

Fourth: The flooring locking system is the strongest in the industry.

Fifth: Our gapping technology innovations allow for the ever important expansion and contraction of flooring due to seasonal and humidity changes.

Sixth: Our prices can’t be beat.

Seven: Our floor gapping technology is anti-mold and anti dust, meaning, it lasts a lot longer.

Eight: It’s optional to get Water-Proof flooring! What other flooring offers such awesomeness?

Nine: Not only does it come with optional Water-Proof technology, but with Built-In Radiant Heating as well!

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