Eco-Friendly Flooring

Eco-Friendly Flooring

We love our Earth, and we want it to be healthy, happy and their for our children for generations to come. That’s why we source our products from Yekalon Industry, Inc., a vertically integrated manufacturer that supports their own forestry!

We are proud to offer some of the longest lasting flooring products in the industry, this means there is less waste created making our customers and mother earth happy.

From the Yekalon website: “Yekalon Industry,Inc. is one of the few of the flooring industry who is vertically integrated , including millions acres of the wetland pine forestry, HDF production base and laminate flooring manufacture factory in Hubei Province, China. The wetland pine contains much natural glue in it and reduces the additional artificial glue accordingly. As required by CARB, all of Yekalon’s laminate flooring and HDF core board products manufacturing facilities and suppliers were imported from Austria and audited, and samples were randomly selected for testing by an independent Third Party Certifier approved by CARB.”

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