Flooring Technology Breakthrough

Flooring Technology Breakthrough

Tap&Go flooring technology was first created by the brainiacs over at Bergeim Floors in 2009, since then it has gone on to win all sorts of industry accolades. But what’s even cooler than that is the fact that Tap&Go will save you money, because it’s super long lasting, and it’s so easy to install you could even do it. It also won’t warp, separate, or have gaps. Seeing it installed is pretty fun because the process is so fast you kind of won’t believe your eyes.

So why will Tap&Go work for you?

Reason #1: Separation Floor Syndrome
Your floor, once installed, acts as one single piece, making Tap&Go the best choice in flooring. It’s super important to have warp resistant flooring, and to also have the proper gap separation. If your floors don’t have the proper separation, it will become dusty and moldy within the floorboard joints, leaving your floors no longer healthy, durable and beautiful, as they once were.

Reason #2: Radiant Technology Installation is paramount
Radiant flooring is no better than the installation technology it comes with. This means that having proper joint technology leads to warmer, more reliable, and durable flooring.

Reason #3: The real cost of flooring
When purchasing new flooring, take into account not only the purchase price, but how much installation, maintenance, and warranty will cost you. Now take into account the human affect of your flooring. Meaning, are the materials your flooring is made and installed with healthy for you? With Tap&Go you will only have the best!


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